All Day Spring Conference

When:  Mar 22, 2018 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (ET)
Associated with  Detroit Chapter
​Annual Conference dedicated to the Automotive Sector
However, all can benefit from this conference

Great Way for 8 CPEs

The Conceptual Framework of Managerial Costing – Larry White, Resource Consumption Accounting Institute
Financial accounting and reporting for external users is guided by standards, regulations, and rules that impair the creation of optimal cost information for internal decision support. Unfortunately, the most appropriate cost modeling approach for decision support inside organizations has not been universally agreed upon nor the criteria for a modeling approach articulated clearly. To remedy this situation, the Institute of Management Accountants has developed a conceptual framework for designing and building principles-based cost models that decision makers can use to improve their operations and achieve their strategic goals. This session will explain this framework and how it can be used to create an effective managerial costing model.

Management Accounting’s Most Dangerous Myths – Doug Hicks, D. T. Hicks & Co.
As currently practiced, management accounting is rife with misconceptions, half-truths, old wives’ tales, and other myths that impair its ability to provide the solid, fact-based cost information needed by decision makers if they are to help their organizations thrive and grow in an ever more competitive, world-wide marketplace. This session will identify and debug several of the most common and dangerous of those myths; myths that result in managerial costing information that misleads decision makers and leads to an organization’s underperformance.

Costing Trends in the Auto Industry – Jan Wohlmuther, P3 North America
With electrification, mobility and autonomous vehicles on the horizon, an increase in manufacturing complexity is inevitable. This complexity spans the entire manufacturing process from new business models, new technologies, and new platforms. Learn how these changes directly impact costing trends in the auto industry.

How Costing Trends Impact Costing and Quoting – Ruediger Stern, FACTON, Inc.
The costing and quoting impact of mobility in automotive manufacturing runs deep. Additional complexity from new processes and an increase in models to keep track of requires extensive collaboration. Learn how Enterprise Product Costing and transparency become even more vital as they drive collaboration.

An OEM’s Perspective – Why Transparency and Collaboration Are Not a Risk – Subbarao Kankatala of Nissan North America 
Many fear that transparency and collaboration in the supply chain has a negative impact on their business. In fact, providing costing transparency and collaborating with your OEM’s gives your company a competitive advantage. Learn how sharing more is a benefit and not a risk.

Is a Transparent & Collaborative Supply Chain Really Possible in the Auto Industry? – Panel/Audience Discussion
You’ve heard the arguments. What do you think? Join in a discussion with today’s presenters on the pros and cons, obstacles to success and actions you believe are necessary for transparency and collaboration to work in the auto supply industry.

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