Local CMA Resources

  1. CMA University an online CMA preparation source, with a guarantee to adequately prepare you for a tough exam.  Please use the Detroit Chapter IMA promotion code DET001 for a 10% discount off your registration fee.
  2. Gleim Manuals one of ten best known CMA training programs with a variety of  training formats available, including the ever-popular books so many have used over the years to pass the exam.
  3. IMA Learning Center for extensive toolkit to prepare you for the CMA exams; designed by the people who sponsor the exam.
  4. HOCK international Distance Learning Program is a complete preparatory program, covering in detail everything you need to know to pass the CMA exams on your first attempt. HOCK offers textbooks, flash cards, study software, audio recordings of live-taught classes, free updates, and teacher support via phone, e-mail, or our online forum.
  5. Rigos CMA Review CMA Review Manuals: Textbooks, Video, Previous CMA Questions & Solutions, Computer Question Drills
  6. ExamMatrix™ CMA Review The ExamMatrix CMA Review has been the premier review course to busy working professionals for nearly two decades. Money back Pass Guarantee. ExamMatrix software’s unique instructional design allows you to focus on your weak areas.
  7. Lambers CMA Review Complete CMA Review on DVD; workbooks and set of 1000 flashcards included.

Click here to learn more about BCertified Pro, an IMA Partner and online live CMA training program that is successful in helping candidates pass both parts of the exam.